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Sometimes after a reflexology treatment the symptoms intensify. Examples being:  back problems, a cold, a sore throat. The client blames reflexology, saying the problem is worse.  All this is lack of knowledge and poor thinking as instead of taking responsibility for their own body is is easier to blame an outside source.

Let me reassure any one reading this, reflexology can not make your problems worse. It can only bring balance to the body. However in the process of the body’s response to fighting infection, your symptoms may well appear to be worsening, when in fact all that is happening is a clearing out of toxins.  

Our body has the capacity to heal but if it is congested or has areas which are blocked, (an infection which is slow to heal or a virus which recurs over and over again),  the body needs rest, time, a stress free environment, good food, lots of water and gentle nurturing.  Do we give this to our body? No. We think, give it a couple of days and we should be well again, have a reflexology treatment, that should do it.

Reflexology mayl help, but it is not a quick fix. It needs regular treatments, combined with really looking after the body’s needs if you want to maintain optimum health.

We use our body as if it was a machine. We are not machines, we are human beings and as such should slow down during the dark cold winter months. At the slightest sign of ill health we should do something about it. There is no point waiting until a sore throat becomes chronic. Stop it before it gets that far. If you develop a headache, question have you drunk enough water? Are you under stress? Are you burning the candle at both ends? Are your working hours too long. Rectify the problem - not just the headache.  

Reflexology Information

Reflexology is a relaxing experience and the effects can last up to a week if you let them. It promotes your body to re-balance, stimulates the circulation, eliminates toxins (and will eliminate then all the better if you drink at least a litre of water after the treatment over the next four hours).  

If you don't drink the water or have several teas or coffees instead, depending on how many toxins need to come out - you may well feel worse. The treatment is working, the body is working but you are not helping or giving it a chance to work effectively.

So start to give your body a fighting chance. Enjoy the experience and don’t blame it when if starts to work. Go with the flow afterwards. Drink lots of water, no alcohol on the day. Go to bed early, take a bath, start to slow down. Enjoy your life. What’s the point otherwise?

Remember you are not a machine,  you are a loving living human being that needs looking after. So don’t forget to, and in the words of the hair advert “you’re worth it”.