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One thing that is often lacking or not used by people is awareness.  We all have it but most of the time we do not use it properly or enough.  Awareness is like a muscle, if you don’t use it, you forget it’s there and it wastes away.  Use it and your life starts to take on a whole new meaning.

We often suffer pain unnecessarily through lack of awareness.  How many times have you heard someone say, “I’ve an awful headache”, or “my throat is on fire”.  Yet both of these complaints did not start off in this manner.  They gently arrived and as nothing was done to ease the pain, it got got bigger and bigger until it could not be tolerated any longer.  I remember a friend of mine telling me she had a sore throat.  A few days later I saw her and she said the same thing, only it was worse.  On the third meeting, it was chronic, and I said to her, “are you proud of having your sore throat or what?”.  She said hurtfully, “what do you mean”, and I said “well, for the last two weeks you have gone on about your sore throat, but you have done nothing about it, yet I told you what to do the first time you mentioned it so I can only assume you are attached to your sore throat”.  She was so mortified she promptly went and did what I had originally told her to do.  The next day, she said to me, “it worked, my sore throat has gone.”  Surely that is a good example of lack of awareness, if ever I saw one.

As a Reflexologist and Homeopath, I have to be aware of how the person who I am treating is, even if they don’t say anything.  We often deny awareness, as it does take a bit more initial effort and it is so much easier to be lazy,  but if you persevere it becomes second nature.  Children have it;  they haven’t got into bad habits and lost it.  We all know when a child is in pain, as they tell us immediately, so why do we deny our own and carry on until it becomes unbearable. Remember the pin dropping and listening to it in the classroom, well that is how you should be with awareness.

It’s amazing how much easier life becomes when your awaremness is working in every field of life. Suffering isn’t a right.  So why not start practising and give yourselves a happier and healthier life.

François Garcia BA (Hons) Homeopath & Clinical Reflexologist. Based in Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire and the Trafford.

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Depression and Anxiety,  Francois Garcia BA (Hons), Homeopath and Reflexologist.