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How to deal with stress. and depression.  We all have a stress threshold but it is as individual as our finger prints. What one person describes as stress, another will consider a challenge.

Stress always comes for a reason. It is the body’s way of telling you it needs attention. Listen, it is saying, listen, I need you to do something about this.

Depression is often caused through stress, sometimes you have overlooked the warning signs and so you end up with depression. It may be something dreadful has occurred or a sadness, but whatever the reason it can be very difficult to get out of, a bit like being in mud and floundering around. Often you are pretending to others you are fine when you feel almost suicidal.

                        Symptioms of Depression, Anziety or Stress

                           ★         Irritated          Feel tired all the time

                           ★         Anxious           Not able to sleep                 

                           ★         Self loathing              

                           ★         Feel hopeless or helpless

                           ★         Drinking to much alcohol  

                           ★         Not able to eat or over eating

                           ★         Mind won’t switch off

If you have any of these you may well be depressed. Stop, get some help, you can be helped. Depression cannot live in the now. Be present and your depression will cease. I can show you how.

As a homeopath I listen to people.  I help people come to terms with their problems, show them where they may not be seeing clearly, I get them so see there can be solutions and then with the aid of homeopathic medication start the process of gently removing and balancing the layers which have built up over the years.

The remedies are safe and gentle and can be used with any other medication

Stress, Anxiety, Francois Garcia BA (Hons) BFP. Homeopath, Reflexologist. Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire, Trafford

Francois Garcia is also a Clinical Reflexologist.

Reflexology may be suitable for stress, depression or anxiety.

Reflexology treatments on a regular basis of once a week may help to balance you.  The body has the ability to heal itself. If you can start to feel balanced inside, your body can start to work efficiently.

A treatment is approximately for one hour, although the first one will be longer as a full medical history is taken. Confidentiality is assured.

Reflexology & Homeopathy Treatments may be beneficial for:

Stress      Anxiety     Depression,     Anxiety      Arthritis     Diabetes,     Constipation

Hay Fever     PMT     Asthma     IBS     Back Pain     Poor Circulation

Menopause     Pregnancy     Infertility     Insomnia,

Poor Circulation     General Health Maintenance