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Homeopathy and


Francois Garcia has been practicing Homeopathy and Reflexology for over 26 years.

She has numerous Reflexology qualifications including a Certificate from Christie Hospital/Salford University.

She has also appeared on Television and Radio.

Homeopath and Reflexologist

Francois Garcia BA (Hons). AOR. BFP.

Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire, Trafford

Reflexology and Homeopathy Treatments

may be found beneficial for:

Stress    Anxiety     Depression    Arthritis     Diabetes    Constipation     Cancer     PMT   Asthma     IBS     Back Pain

Poor Circulation     Menopause     Pregnancy

Infertility     Insomnia     Migraines



Please telephone me to discuss your particular situation in more detail.

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As a Homeopath I listen to what you say, not just what your complaint is. I treat the whole of you, as each individual has a different way of coping with what is wrong. The remedies I prescribe work like the un-peeling of an onion, each layer taken off gently.  Illness does not come overnight, nor can illness go overnight, it needs a little time in order for the body to adjust. Healing is individual, you are an individual and should be treated as such.

Infertility, Pregnancy and overdue babies are a some of my specialities. Click on the yellow link above which will take you to another page. Never give up hope. And try not to be stressed. It is a killer to so many things. It is not easy I grant you. Staying calm is the key and living in the moment as opposed to worrying or wishing over the future.