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Infertility and


Infertility and Pregnancy

Francois Garcia BA (Hons) Reflexologist.

Altrincham, Hale, Cheshire, Trafford

Do not give up hope of becoming pregnant. Reflexology may help.  Many ladies who thought there was no chance of becoming pregnant, even those who have gone through the IVF route have come to me and over a period of time, have become pregnant.

If you want to become pregnant and are having problems conceiving, it is worth having a course of Reflexology treatments

Reflexology may help with any of the following

     •     Endometriosis


     •     Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

     •     Premature Menopause

     •     Unexplained fertility problems

     •     IVF and other assisted conception programmes

     •     Stress through to trying to conceive

     •     Low Sperm Count


Reflexology can be very suitable during pregnancy.

* Reflexology may help morning sickness.

* Reflexology can help swollen ankles, constipation.

* Reflexology may help with pregnancy sleeping problems

* Reflexology may help with backache

* Reflexology often help alleviate water retention in the feet/ankles

* Reflexology regular throughout may help shorten labour.

One lady was worried about her baby as she had not felt it for a couple of days.  Whilst having a treatment the baby kicked.  This gave her great relief and took away the stress she was experiencing.

Many ladies come to me because they are overdue and want their born baby naturally and not induced.  Again I do have considerable success. It may take a couple of treatments but overall the vast majority have a natural birth.  I cannot guarantee it as it is much better to have had some treatments before, but it is worth a try and most ladies feel less stressed and relaxed after the treatment.


Please telephone me to discuss your particular

situation in more detail.

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