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Francois Garcia BA (Hons) Reflexologist. Altrincham, Hale, Trafford, Cheshire

It is really important not to give up hope of becoming pregnant. Whatever your circumstances or age, worry and fear can only add to the problem. Reflexology may help and has helped many women who thought they were infertile. Many who have thought there was no chance of becoming pregnant or who had been told they had no normal chance of becoming pregnant, even those who have gone through the IVF route have come to me and over a period of time, (as it does take time to get your body balanced), become pregnant. Obviously there are no guarantees, but then there is no guarantee with anything.

If you want to become pregnant and are having problems conceiving, it may be worth having a course of Reflexology treatments to help enable your body and hormones to become as balanced as possible.

     •     Endometriosis


     •     Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

     •     Premature Menopause

     •     Unexplained fertility problems

     •     IVF and other assisted conception programmes

     •     Stress through to trying to conceive

     •     Low Sperm Count

There is a growing body of evidence that Reflexology may help aid conception. Some Hospitals have carried out comprehensive clinical trials both here and abroad in direct comparison with the standard fertility drugs.  Reflexology sessions have been offered to try and stimulate ovulation. Half were given a genuine reflexology treatment and the other half a bogus one to see how effective reflexology was.  Not every women who tries Clomifene is helped. Derriford Hospital in Plymouth had a catalogue of rapid pregnancies in supposedly infertile women following weekly reflexology sessions. Several sessions may be required.  A minimum of 10 weekly moving on to fortnightly treatments would be advised.

Reflexology helps balance the body. If your body is in harmony you have the best possible chance to conceive. Stress and worry often have a much bigger impact than people realise, so getting you body and mind to release its stress is very important.

Up to 30% of infertile women who try Clomifene benefit by the drug, and 10 per cent who become pregnant after using it give birth to twins. It is also regarded as the main cause of triplets and multiple births in Britain.  

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